Friday, May 20, 2011

Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf is about the stereotypical high school life where the social reject wants the prom queen and his best friend is falling in love with him but is too shy to tell him how she really feels. The main character, Scott, turned out to be different, though. Although Scott thinks he is hitting puberty,he really is becoming a werewolf. Apparently, the wolf trait is in his family. Things start to change in his social life. The popular girl starts becoming attracted to him and had sex with him. He became the star on the basketball team and this was all because he turned into a werewolf. But along with the perks of being a werewolf came great responsibility. Things start to turn sour; the popular girl’s boyfriend gets jealous of Scott, the basketball team doesn’t like him because he becomes a ball hog, and his best friend is drifting away. At the end, Scott learns that all the people want is the wolf and not the real Scott. So, at the basketball championship game, he doesn’t use his powers, and as stereotypical high school movies go, the team wins the game at the last minute and Scott. The human, gets the girl that he should have been with all along.

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