Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dirty Dancing (1987)

A classic case of forbidden love. Our main character, Frances "Baby" Houseman is young woman spending the summer with her family at high class resort. Most of Baby's life has already been planned out for her so when she falls for the resorts bad boy dance teacher, things don't go over so well. Things start to head up when Baby is wandering the resort one night. She hears music coming from a mysterious building. So, Baby follows the noise and it leads her to a room filled with resort staff, all dancing in a way she's never seen before. This is when Baby decides she wants to learn to dance like that.

Baby starts private dance lessons with Johnny, which is where their romance begins. Things get more serious when they learn Johnny's dance partner is pregnant. Since Baby's father is a doctor, she persuades him to perform an abortion on Penny.
Penny is no longer able to dance with Johnny so who does that leave? Baby. Johnny and Baby begin spending more and more time together. Johnny teaches Baby everything she needs to know about dancing. The most memorable scene of the movie, for me at least, is when Johnny takes Baby to the river to work on their stunt.

The final scene in Dirty Dancing begins with that line we all seem to love, "Nobody puts Baby in the corner". Johnny marches into the resorts final performances although he has been banned. He explains that Baby has inspired him and taught him things he ha
d never known before. So they dance, and they put on an amazing show. Afterwards Baby's father comes to terms with the fact that his baby is growing up.

I know the movie is a bit corny, but I can't help the fact that I love it. Besides, who doesn't want to be loved by Patrick Swayze, well, back then at least?

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Vladigogo said...

I was watching Archer this afternoon and they made a Dirty Dancing joke in terms of putting baby in the corner.