Friday, May 20, 2011

Major League (1989): Lovable Misfits

Major League is a pioneer of misfit sports movies. The film offers a refreshing contrast from serious sports movies where the players all are stellar athletes. So, if the last sports movie you watched was Hoosiers, Major League offers a fun balance to more serious sports movies.

The film is chock full of misfits and neurotic characters. Every player has strengths, but their weaknesses are just as bad, if not worse. Charlie Sheen’s character is an ex con who can throw 95 plus mph, but cannot aim to save his life. Charlie Sheen is not by any means the protagonist in the film, however, he steals the show. Willie Mayes Hayes: “What league you been playing in?" Ricky (Sheen):" California Penal." He also takes on an alter ego, “wild thing". There’s a voodooist who calls to the voodoo gods because he cannot hit any pitch besides a fastball. There’s a pre Madonna of the group, an injured leader, and many other misfits that have talent, but have severe character flaws. These flaws make the comedic aspect of the movie. Who cares about watching a bunch of perfect, with it baseball players? I’d personally watch a group of contrasting characters, and watch hilarity ensue.

There are many sports movies that have come out in the last twenty years that model themselves after Major League and were successful - Every Mighty Duck movie, The Little Giants, The Sandlot, The Replacements - to name a few. These movies allow audiences to relate more to the character, plus people always love the underdog.


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Vladigogo said...

It was a really funny movie, and part of a number of baseball films that came out over a five year period.