Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend at Bernies (1989)

"What kind of a host invites you to his house for the weekend and dies on you"

Larry and Richard are two young workers trying to make their way up in the insurance agency. The two friends are a typical film duo, with Richard as the workaholic while the free-spirited Larry is always looking for an excuse to have fun.They uncover a $2 million fraud and report it to their boss named Bernie. They get all hyped up because they think they are heros and this is going to get them promotions. Unfortunately for them, Bernie is the one behind the fraud, and he invites them to his island beach house for the weekend, where he intends to have them killed by his mobsters.

But little did Bernie know, the mob intends to kill him instead. Richard and Larry, arrive and discover Bernie's body. At first they panic and start to call the police, then they decide to "wait and see" what happeneds.They soon find out that everybody on the island knows Bernie, he has a reputation as the life of the party and being a good host. Richard and Larry also discover that the local residents are so dumb, they don't even notice that Bernie's dead. So their plan is to see if they convince people that Bernie is still alive, so they can have a good time. Is this ethical? They know he's dead, and they decide not to tell anyone because they just want to have fun and get laid at this beach house. Instead they play with him like a doll and talk to him like he's still alive.

Not only do Larry and Richard convince the people of the island that Bernie is still alive, they also convince the mob boss who keeps trying to kill Bernie. Richard and Larry strut around the island with Bernie hanging on their shoulders they ties there so laces to his and walk around with him. These two are absolutely nuts!!!

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Leslie said...

And can you believe it--there was a sequel.