Friday, May 20, 2011

Field of Dreams (1989): Over-arching Belief

There are two categories of legitimate sports movies in the 80s: Ones that require a great knowledge and interest of the sport at hand to enjoy the movie, movies whose message is so powerful that it transcends beyond the sport itself. Field of Dreams is the latter. Not that the film draws away from baseball, but the sport is used merely as a means to bring the characters to fulfill their dreams.

I cannot say one negative thing about the movie. What is so great about Ray (Costner), is that he is relatable. Costner regrets his relationship with his father, and his family-life at home is not fulfilling. However, he is able to gain this fulfillment by putting everything on the line because of his passion and endearing belief. The premise of this belief is supernatural and somewhat unrealistic, but the overall message of belief is still able to transcend. This is the type of movie that you show your kids in order to inspire them.

Giving a synopsis of this film is difficult, without giving too much of the details away. Even though this movie is my favorite movie from the 80s I've watched, I am finding it hard to describe the effect it has on you. So trust me, and just watch it for yourself.. Even the trailer will make you forget about how you told yourself you weren't going to wait until the last minute to do the blogs, but you are just watching your first movie now.

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