Friday, May 20, 2011

Big (1988)

Most kids never want to grow up, but not Tom Hanks's character, Josh Baskin. While at a carnival, Josh wishes into an old, not so promising machine that he will be big.
Josh leaves the carnival, disappointed that his wish had not come true. The next morning though, Josh wakes up to find himself in his same house and his same bed. He however, is not the same. Josh's wish has come true and he now has the body of a thirty year old man, with the maturity of a twelve year old kid.
Josh runs out of his house in search of his best friend Billy.
Billy tells Josh that he's gotta find a job!
Naturally, Josh lands the dream job for a kid of his age. All day long he tests toys and based off of how much fun he has with them, predicts how successful the toy will be.
seems like Josh is having the time of his life being big;
he even has a girl friend.
After time goes on though, Josh starts to miss his family and the simple pleasure of childhood. He figures the only way to change back to a kid again is to find the machine where he first made his wish and undo it. After a bittersweet goodbye to his girlfriend, Josh is able to return home again, as a twelve year old boy.
Big is one of those films that reminds us all of our childhood. For me it brings back memories of times when I wished to be someone other than I was. It reminds us that growing up is meant to take time. Growing up is not supposed to happen over night.

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