Monday, May 16, 2011

Girls Just Want To Have Fun (1985)

No, not the Cyndi Lauper song. In fact, the filmmakers used a cover instead of the actual song in this movie because of liscensing restrictions. Why Cyndi Lauper didn’t want her song to be the anthem of this combination of Footloose/13 Going On 30 beats me.

Janey Glenn’s army family transfers to Chicago, home to her favorite show of all time DanceTV (an 80’s version of today’s So You Think You Can Dance). Played by a young Sarah Jessica Parker (remember her from Footloose?), she is respectful, na├»ve, and innocent until she becomes BFFs with Lynn Stone (Helen Hunt), a spunky, style conscious rebel who wears animals in her hair. Lynn convinces Janey to audition for DanceTV against her militaristic father’s wishes.

Why yes, those are dinosaurs in her hair.

Here's a grasshopper too.

This is the typical good-girl-falling-in-love-with-bad-leather-jacket-wearing-boy. His name is Jeff (Lee Montgomery). He is a bad ass, a good dancer, and he is going to change Janey’s life. She teaches him how to flip, he teaches her to wear legwarmers.

The movie follows the coming-of age chick flick format. Good prevails over evil, Janey beats Natalie the sexy, rich dancer in the contest, wins the guy, and stands up to her overbearing father. Also, cheesy back story fact: Janey’s parents used to be dancers. It's pretty obvious SJP doesn't do any of her own dancing, but she's cute and smiley, so it's ok.

Alan Metter chose to focus on the brighter side of the “me” generation. The film doesn't focus so much on dance, but rather Janey's story of rebellion and the embracing of youth. The catchy pop songs along with the colorful fashion statements of the 80’s just made you wanna dance in the street. Not to mention everyday was a bright, beautiful, sunny day in Chicago. My favorite part of the movie had to be when Janey, Lynn, and Maggie (a baby-faced Shannon Doherty), make copies of the evil Natalie’s debutante invitations and pass them out to the edgy, taboo crowd on the streets of Chicago. Hippies, punks, drag queens, and female body builders unite for an epic slamdancing scene at Natalie’s debutante ball.

You know you have time to watch this. The drag queen is my favorite.

Baby Shannen Doherty

Heathers Shannen Doherty

A feel good girl power movie, and with impeccable casting, SJP’s youthful innocence and Helen Hunt’s spirited delivery make for a fun bubblegum flick fit for toenail painting and sleepovers.

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