Friday, May 20, 2011

The Lost Boys (1987)

Losing myself in The Lost Boys is like a pre-scream idea horror movie, minus the bumps in the night. Charmingly self aware, if the 70’s never existed it would be the best camp scary film ever. The effects are good for the 80’s, everybody enjoys a fog waterfall. But what surprises me is the vampire makeup being almost and Buffy level (Greg Cannon sounded familiar and that’s because he won the Oscar for special effects makeup for Benjamin Button in 2008). What could have been a very bad movie is saved by delivery of its dialogue, tight editing and the allure of introspection

Brilliant one liners zip through the film; during any serious scene a huffy character lets there freak flag fly with the smartest possible response to the situation. Comic book references and nerd anthems ring out whenever either of the Cory’s speaks. Michael (Jason Patrick), the epitome of an 80’s pretty boy, broods over the one girl he can’t have, at least until she turns him into a vampire so they can have sex in an underground hotel while a Jim Morrison poster watches. It is hard to explain why this movie’s entertainment level far exceeded its budget.

P.S. the long haired none Kiefer Sutherland Blonde vampire looks like Heather Chandler in the right light.

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Vladigogo said...

This film is sitting in my closet in my office, but I still haven't seen it. With all the vampire stuff out there, I should watch it. (After all, I love TruBlood.)