Friday, May 20, 2011

The Land Before Time (1988)

The Land Before Time is one of those movies that when I told my friends that I've never seen, they give me a crazy look and say, "are you serious"? So I decided to take my chances with it since it is a children's movie. The story took place in the the prehistoric era and revolves around a young long neck dinosaur named Littlefoot. All of the food is beginning to run out so him and the rest of his family, along with other families, take off in search of the Great Valley. On the way he meets a few other young dinosaurs, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Spike and they get into all sorts of mischief and adventures along the way. They take many life threatening risks on their journey to the Great Valley and in the end they make it to the lush green valley.

I wasn't exactly pleased watching this movie because I guess I'm used to watching a better quality movie. The plot and the characters weren't bad but I don think it does a very good job of standing up through time. I thought it had fairly good moments like when they were trying to escape from the sharp tooth and the rivalry between Littlefoot and Cera. Overall I guess it was better than I expected, although my expectations weren't really too high.