Thursday, May 19, 2011


Overboard staring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russel, before watching this movie I thought it would have potential especially since it had Hawn and Russel staring in it. Besides the movie being cute with Annie (Goldie) being a mom, it was predictable and corny. But if you need a good pick me up this is a cute movie to watch.

The movies basis is about a very rich a snobby woman who docks her yacht at a port and hires a carpenter to redo her closet. She refuses to pay him and pushes him overboard, later on that night though she falls off board the boat and loses her memory. To get revenge on this woman Russels's character convinces her that she is wife and brings her home to his kids. This would of been more convincing but what woman would forgot her children to the point that she felt no connection towards them? The plot started to become a little unbelievable but thats what made it romantic. Soon she starts taking care of the kids and Dean and Annie begin to fall in love. Right when their life is looking perfect. Annie's husband who left her abandoned in the hospital shows up and Annie remembers her past life and leaves but this journey has changed her. In the end like every romantic comedy the bad boy or Dean comes running after annie and she jumps off the ship to him. The movie ends badly with them kissing on the boat and him asking what he could possibly give her when she has everything and with her replying "a girl". This movie was entertaining to watch and amusing for a romantic comedy, that would cheer someone up.

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