Friday, May 20, 2011

The Breakfast Club (1985)

Ahhhh yes another 80's film about teenage angst. Five teenagers comes together on a Saturday in detention, clearly against their wills. What starts off as a dreadful morning turns into a day none of them will ever forget. We are presented the classic high school stereotypes of the popular princess, the dumb jock, the badass bad boy, the brain, and the basket case.
As the day goes on, these five students, who would never normally even acknowledge each other, spill their hearts out to one another. They all reveal truths about themselves that no one else bothers to hear because in high school, rumors are always true.
By the end of the day, all the kids have cried. They have opened up and shared things about themselves that nobody else knows. The basket case and the jock share a moment. The princess and the bad boy hookup in a closet.
The Breakfast Club is a classic, and anyone who hasn't seen it needs to. While the movie is funny and makes viewers laugh, it highlights the real issues that go on in a high school. The movie pokes fun at stereotypes associated with high school, but also shows that in a way, they are true. After spending an emotional day together, all of these individuals go on with their lives as if they had never met. There is a deeper meaning though in that sometimes there is more than meets the eye, but, i'll let The Breakfast Club explain that to you.

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