Friday, May 20, 2011

The Secret of My Success

In my opinion The Secret To My Success is one of Michael J. Fox’s funniest roles to date. Fox plays Brantley Foster who acquires the double identity of Carlton Whitfield while working in his uncles company. Brantley works in the mail room while his alias Carlton is a top executive for Pemrose who is helping the company avoid a corporate hostile take over. Brantley is living every mail room boys dream. During one of his first assignments on the job he is instructed to drive his uncles wife to their country home. After she swimming in the pool and drinking expensive scotch she seduces him. Right after the deed his done his uncle arrives at the house and Brantley barely escape with all his clothes upon being chase my a dobermin pincer. As Carlton Whitfield, Brantley has seduced the young attractive executive Christy Wills who he spotted and fell in love with on his first day of work. While playing both sides of the spectrum “God” his mail room supervisor assures Brantley he is watching his every move. What makes Brantleys charicter so amusing is his one liners he is able to drop when in trouble and the extreme measures he goes to while trying to balance his job as an executive and his job in the mail room. The Secret To My Success is a modern day Wizard of Oz

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Vladigogo said...

How is it a modern day Wizard of Oz? That could have been the focus of the paper.