Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fast Times at Ridgemont High

High School. Defined by as "a failed experiment in preparing young people for the adult world." The definition may sound a little far fetched in today' society, but after watching Amy Heckerling's, Fast Times at Ridegemont High, it seems more on point than I first thought. These teens are doomed. Let's start off by first talking about Stacy Hamilton: the virgin who gets pregnant. Let's set the scene: The film starts off at the mall pizza parlor where Stacy works. She sees a sexy older man so she goes up and takes his order. He asks for a meatball sub, a coke, and her digits- what else would a 26 year old want from a younger chick (she's 15 by the way). Anyways, he takes her virginity thinking she's 19, and they never speak again. All of a sudden little Stacy is hooking up with her new crush's best friend- Mike Damone. Mike gets her pregnant but all's well since she gets a quick abortion for the cost of 150 dollars.
Another example of failing youth is our stoner character Jeff Spicoli. Spicoli is a prime specimen for what teachers hate in highschool kids. He shows up late to class, and that's when he does show up, he orders pizza to class, he's always high, he never knows the answers, and he mouths off to the teacher on the first day. Spicoli is clearly going nowhere fast.
The funny thing about this film is that no matter how much each of these kids messes up, it all seems to work out for them in the end. Stacy is able to get her abortion and her parents never find out. Spicoli is able to pass class without even trying, and he still gets to go to the senior dance.
I've heard over and over how great this movie is and what a classic it is, but I can honestly say I didn't like it at all. The whole time spent watching this seemed life a lifetime. There is no specific plot, the movie just goes on. I found absolutely no point to the movie but maybe that's irony since there seems to be absolutely no point to high school...

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Vladigogo said...

Part of the issue you may be seeing is that the film was based on a Cameron Crowe article in Rolling Stone. So the randomness, lack of plot is no doubt tied to the source material. In addition, if you look at Animal House it suffers from the same things you note here.