Thursday, May 19, 2011

When Harry Met Sally: Can Men and Women Ever Be Just Friends?

The dynamic duo of Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan team up in the 1989 film.  Billy Crystal plays Harry Burns and Meg Ryan plays Sally Albright.  The couple meets on a drive to New York after they both graduated from the University of Chicago.  They part amicably, little do they know they are destined to bump into each other multiple times over the next years.  Finally they develop a close friendship where they share their love woes and successes.   Below is one of the most famous scenes from the movie:

Harry maintains that a man and a woman cannot be just friends and that sex always gets in the way, Sally, on the other hands, believes quite the opposite.  Over the years the two go through relationship after relationship.  They both break hearts and have their hearts broken.  One night, after rushing over to console Sally after a breakup, Harry and Sally finally break their pact and have sex.  However, this turns out to be disappointing to the audience as the morning after is extremely awkward and Harry leaves in a hurry. 

Will true love prevail and does what Harry and Sally share even count as true love?  You’ll have to watch this romantic comedy to find out the answer!

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