Friday, May 20, 2011

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989)

This film has the most emotion stakes and history of the three. It is here we learn the origin of Indy’s love of artifacts, hatred of snakes, and source of the scar on his chin (his first time using a whip). The choice to have Indy hurt himself was kind of genius because it works in a physical trait of the actor to fit the character.

I have to say I love this film partially because I love Sean Connery. His work as an actor is so amazing to watch. Also it is kind of funny because I think of Indiana Jones as a geeky Bond and Sean Connery was Bond. Anywho. Sean Connery rocks. End of Story.

The Nazis are back and all other little things are kept consistent. I have no things to really bring up that I didn’t like. I thought this part of the trilogy extended the story and characters in a very strong way. The whole reason Indy goes on this adventure is to save his father. His love interest is , well I don’t want to spoil it, but she also slept with his father. Awkward moment? Why yes, yes it is. We really see some emotional vulnerability in Indy that we haven’t before. The artifact in question is the Holy Grail. Yes the same Holy Grail talked about in Monty Python and well the Bible. Indy’s father is dying and the grail is the only way to save him. It is here we see how much he cares for his father and are endeared further to Indy.
Yes morality is still an issue. Here at least we have some ethics of care happening. Now that doesn’t justify it necessarily, but it certainly helps.
This is definitely a YES to watch. You can’t go wrong with Lucas and Spielberg.

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