Thursday, October 11, 2007

Top Gun

Top Gun

The movie had two things that made me enjoy it so much; the cast and the incredible jet fighting scenes. Tom Cruise plays the cocky jet fighter pilot with the pilot name of Maverick extremely fitting as he is the wild stallion of the movie. Goose, played by Anthony Edwards, is Tom’s best friend and co-pilot; they enter the elite jet fighting school Top Gun together. Val Kilmer plays Iceman, Maverick’s competition in the beginning of the film. Tom Cruise’s love interest in this movie is Kelly McGillis who plays one of the flight instructors at the Top Gun school.

I found myself becoming emotionally attached to the characters as Goose’s final scene hit me hard, I almost felt as though the movie shouldn’t continue similar to Tom’s attitude to flying after the incident. I remember being completely obsessed about jets when I was in grade school, but unfortunately I was unable to see this movie then because it was R. If only I had seen this movie then I probably would have joined the Navy by now. Maybe that was a good choice by the parents. The film continues with Maverick staying in the flight school, after he overcomes some of his guilt. After Tom graduates the flight school there is one final aerial battle that has such intense dog fighting scenes I don’t think any other film could match it.

Top Gun has one of the best theme songs; Danger Zone. The song is a serious hit and goes along perfectly with the film. Add in the aviators and you have yourself a great 80s action film.

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