Thursday, October 11, 2007

Annie (1982)

The timeless tale of the red-headed sweetheart Annie was made into a movie in the 1980's. The movie was filled with singing, dancing and a warm and fuzzy ending. Although the film was a little on the corny side, it is one of those classics you just can't turn off.

The movie stars an orphan named Annie who, along with all of her orphan friends, dreams of nothing more than to become adopted. Their heatless caretaker, Ms. Hannigan, despises each of the orphans and tries her hardest to make their lives miserable. For reasons unknown, Ms. Hannigan has it out for Annie and loathes her more than any of the others.

The story line really takes off when a wealthy man by the name of Daddy Warbucks decides he wants one of the orphans to live with him for a bit. His assistant, Grace Farrell, comes to the orphanage. Out of all the girls, she chooses Annie to come stay at the mansion. The plan is for Annie to only stay for two weeks however; Grace, Daddy Warbucks and the rest of the people at the mansion fall in love her and decide they are going to adopt her. Just when you think Annie's dream is about to come true, Ms. Hannigan intervenes. She plots to steal Annie along with her accomplice, Rooster.

Like any classic, the end results in favor of the beloved main character. Annie, Daddy Warbucks, Grace Farrell, and the rest of the staff at the mansion overcome Ms. Hannigan and all ends wonderfully. Annie is finally adopted and leads the life she had always wanted.

I don't think this film was distinctly a 80s film. Although certain clothing and hair styles were portrayed throughout the movie, I think it could have taken place at any time and still have had the same affect. I would definitely recommend it to others. It is a timeless tale that captured the hearts of many back in the 80's and still continues to do so today. Here is one of the famous songs in the movie take a look!!

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