Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dirty Dancing(1987)

So my mom wanted me to watch some 80s film. I'm not sure why...who cares about the 80s right? I mean, god it was like 40 years ago. She was barely even born in the 80s! 1989... what a dinosaur. But I must say I was pleasantly surprised. No matter what time period it is, teenagers are cool in everything they do. The movie depicted a few teenagers ready going against the grain, striving to be who they really are. Some conflicts are timeless, and this was one of them.I've seen 80s movies before and the quality of it looked as if it were in the 80s. I can't explain it. Not just because of the staple actors giving me a clue as to what time period it was in but the theme of rebellion seem to make the movie say, "Hi, I'm an 80s film". In a lot of 80s teen movies the teen is rebelling against something and striving to be who he or she really is. Of course, that theme never gets old. I was watching high school musical 15 and apparently the original movie was that exact theme! I'd totally recommend this to others. Who wouldn't? The dancing is sexy, the characters are funny, and I know I personally related to baby--- A small town over protected girl opening her eyes to the harsh reality of the real world. Everything about this movie was classic, and classics never get old. Like wine, they get better with time. Just don't tell my mom I said I liked it... She'll try to make me stay in and watch another movie next saturday with her and I'm trying to go out...Want to know more about this film? Go to get the low down on the behind-the-scenes

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