Thursday, October 11, 2007


(even the picture is big)

I think i first saw Big when I was around seven years old, and all I remember about it is that I watched it at my aunt's house and that I liked it a lot. So, I decided to watch it again and see what I liked about it so much. After I started watching it I remembered: it's like the original 13 going on 30. It's magically fun, you can relate, and makes you feel like anything is possible.

The story begins with a young boy named Josh Baskin (David Moscow) who is unhappy being treated like a little boy. On top of this, he goes to a carnival and is too little to ride the adult rides. Because of this, when he sees a fortune telling machine called the Zoltar which is a genie in a booth. Josh asks the genie to make him big and a card pops out that says "Your wish is granted." Josh eerily realizes that the Zoltar machine wasn't even plugged in, so he decides to go home, assuming nothing about himself has changed.

The next morning, however, Josh wakes up to find that he has transformed into an adult version of himself (Tom Hanks). The only person that will help him is his best friend Bill Kopeche (Jared Rushton), and they decided that they have to get Josh a hotel room in New York city so he can stay there until they can change him back into a little boy.

Josh and Billy soon find out that they can't go back to the Zoltar machine for another six weeks, so in the meantime Josh gets a job at a toy company called Macmillan Toys. The rest of the movie shows how Josh has to deal with living in an adult world and how it is a lot harder than he thought it would be. By the end he realizes that he just wants to go home and be a little boy again, so he goes back to the Zoltar machine to get changed back, even though it means giving up an adult female love interest in the process.

Maybe it's just me, but I love 13 Going on 30 and I loved Big, so I highly recommend them both. If you're not sure about either here is the trailer for Big:
and here's the trailer for Thirteen Going on Thirty:

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