Friday, October 12, 2007

Dead Poets Society

“Oh Captain, My Captain!” This proves to be the rallying cry for a group of young men who had their mind liberated by a unique professor, John Keating (Robin Williams). The group of boys, who attend a very strict and traditional prep school, are told to do things like stand on the teacher’s desk and rip pages out of books, not traditional things. The group, led by Neil Perry (Robert Sean Leonard), decides to restart a secret society that Keating had started when he attended school there. All the boys are greatly affected by the professor Knox Overstreet (Josh Charles) stand up to his fears and pursue the love of his life. Todd Anderson (Ethan Hawk) starts to get over his fear of public speaking due to the teachers methods. However, Neil is the most changed, he stands up to his father and participates in the school play. When his father bans him from his acting dream and says he is going to force Neil to change schools Neil kills himself. The school’s administration quickly blames the out of place professor for the incident, and he is fired. As Keating is leaving the classroom Todd Anderson truly comes out of his shell as he stands on his desk and yells “Oh captain, my captain.” The movie ends with many kids doing the same.

Again, I decided to watch a very good movie. It definitely is still accurate today in the fact that classes and teachers can struggle very hard, but it takes a very skilled person to truly connect with kids. I do not know the pressures of my parents having my life planned, but I would imagine it is very stressful and can lead to some extreme outbursts like the one portrayed in the movie. It is definitely a great movie, so my advice, Carpe Diem, seize the day, watch this movie

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