Thursday, October 11, 2007

Grease 2

We all have seen Grease, its a classic! Now two years later there is a new set of students at Rydell High School. We still have the T-Birds, whos leader is Johnny Nogerelli. And there are still the Pink Ladies, lead by Stephanie Zinone. The two used to be an item, however Stephanie has decided she didn't want to be anyone's chick anymore. Now that they are broken up clearly there needs to be a new guy in the picture. That new guy is Micheal, who happens to be Sandy (from the original)'s cousin from England. And we still have Frenchi, who after dropping out has decided to come back to the high school scene. Frenchi informs new-guy Micheal that all Pink Ladies are off limits to only t-birds. Johnny has moved on to Paulette, another Pink Lady. He can forget about having any control over Stephanie and she shoes tthis by kissing the next guy who walks into the bowling alley. That guy happens to be Micheal. He hurries after her and asks her out, but she goes into her song, "Cool Rider", and shows she isn't interested. After this Micheal tries to become this guy she sings about. He goes and buys a motorcycle, which he spends all his time trying to learn to ride. And how can we leave out the reproduction scene. In an attempt to teach "the birds and the bees" Mr. Stuart is interrupted by the kids singing their own type of lesson.

Meanwhile, the annual talent show is coming up and the T-Birds and Pink Ladies are all preparing for it. Micheal has been preparing for his debut as this new "cool rider". One night at the bowling alley he reveals himself to everyone. He shows up all the T-Birds, and surprise surprise he impresses Stephanie. But as he rides off, Stephanie doesn't know who he is because he had kept his helmet on the whole time. No one is aware of the fact that it is Micheal. In a creepy way, Micheal keeps his disguise and continues to romance Stephanie. After Johnny sees this, he threatens her spot as a Pink Lady. Micheal and Stephanie grow closer as he tutors her, yet she still doesn't know he was the cool guy with the motorcycle skills. The night of the talent show they meet up again, and still not knowing who her guy is, the t-birds chase him over a cliff. Heartbroken, Stephanie goes into the talent show and sings about the guy she believes to be dead titled "Turn Back the Hands of Time". She wins the talent show, and later is crowned queen of the school's summer luau. The Luau in interrupted by a gang, however, "Cool Rider" saves the day by chasing the gang away. This is when he reveals to the school who he really is. Stephanie is shocked to see him still alive. Johnny comes around to his senses and makes Micheal a T-bird and this gives him the right to date Stephanie. The movie ends with them singing "We'll Be Together", making a vow to stay together as they graduate high school.

This film clearly could not be better than the original Grease. The songs seem a bit cheesy, and I didn't get into the "Let's Do It For Our Country" scene which is totally out there. Overall its what you would expect to come as a sequal to one of the most recognizable films in America.

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