Monday, October 08, 2007

For Your Eyes Only (James Bond) 1981

"Mr. Bond your helicopter will be here shortly"

The Director of this movie is John Glen and the lead actor is Roger Moore who is playing James Bond. He does a good job but is definitely not the best looking Bond… that’s for sure!

I believe all James Bond movies are classics so of course I had to rent this movie and blog about it.

It starts off with a pretty neat helicopter scene where he is hanging off the side of the helicopter and it flies through a building. Then there is a car chasing scene and people getting shot up…. Right from the beginning you can tell there is going to be a lot of action in this movie. You can definitely see the similarities of today’s James Bond movies and this one. James gets a good looking girl, has some really neat toys/ weapons, nice cars, and killing bad guys comes easy to him.

James also has his famous funny one liners in this movie too. James Bond has it all especially in this movie!

If you like a movie with plenty of action, neat fighting scenes (even though some are a little corny), and some pretty nice looking girls in old school swimsuits (ha-ha) then you will love James Bond For Your Eyes Only!!!

This movie really is a classic!


Vladigogo said...

By far this was the best Roger Moore movie as James Bond, although THE SPY WHO LOVED ME will always be highly rated in my book because it was the very first James Bond film I ever saw in the cinema.

Vladigogo said...

By the way, you mentioned the nice looking girls in old school swimsuits.

Well, one of the women at the pool scene, when the guy gets shot as he dives off the diving board, was born a man and had a sex change operation.