Saturday, October 13, 2007

Modern Girls (1986)

I love films of the 80s—the cheesier the better, but Modern Girls is one of the worst films I’ve ever watched. The bad thing is that it has all the potential in the world: hot girls, some good music (Depeche Mode), fast cars, and LA. Margo (Daphne Zuniga, Melrose Place), CeCe (Cynthia Gibb, Fame the series), and Kelly (the extremely talented, Virginia Madsen, Sideways) are twenty-something singles and roommates. This is one of the first 80s films I’ve seen that has three women as the main characters with a male sidekick. Clifford (Clayton Rohner, Just One of the Guys) is a nerdy, nice guy, who falls for Kelly. Cliffy, CeCe, and Margo spend an entire night chasing after Kelly, whose out on the town mourning her two-timing boyfriend. The best parts of the movie are the LA club scenes: the bar décor at Club Voodoo is outrageous and check out those crazy 80s outfits . . . ah, memories. During the course of the night, CeCe meets rock star Bruno X (also played by Clayton Rohner—I know, I know), and they fall crazy in love. Of course, these two lovers lose each other and we follow CeCe running into the streets and every club they pass, screaming for Bruno. Gibb couldn’t have struggled with learning her lines for this film, because she repeats them over and over again. Margo and Clifford hate each other from the start, but that is only a guise for how they truly feel. There are a few sort-of-funny scenes—like the food fight, but very few. As the film title suggests, this is an attempt to show strong, young women who can stand on their own two feet without a man. In the end, CeCe and Bruno X are reunited. Even though, this rich, “sexy,” rock star offers her the world, CeCe decides she likes her life just like it is, nixing the princely rescue for more wild and crazy nights with her friends. The retro clips of MTV are great.

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