Thursday, October 11, 2007


CC Bloom is an outgoing young child performer in Atlantic City. Her mother is always nagging her bragging about her daughter trying to make her into a bigger star. Hilary Whitney is a very rich and proper young lady. She is on vacation in Atlantic City. She finds her self lost and runs into CC. CC is hiding under the boardwalk and helps Hilary find her way back to her resort. CC is in a very flashy outfit and clearly doesn't fit in with Hilary. However, this doesn't phase Hilary and she offers to buy CC a milkshake. When her relative discovers Hilary, she is very displeased to find her with someone like CC. The two make a vow to stay in touch and do so through letters as they grow up. Hilary goes onto Stanford Law, while CC's burlesque career is becoming stronger. They continue to keep in touch through letters.

Out of the blue, hilary shows up at a dive bar where CC is performing for very few guests. It is clear though it seems Hilary has so much more than CC she is not at all happy. Soon the two become room mates. CC continues to vie for life in the limelight. Hilary's life takes a downfall, as her father becomes ill and soon passes away. After this happens, both women eventually get married. Hilary marries her father's lawyer, and CC marries John, her producer. This major change forces the two women to become distant and almost breaks their friendship into pieces. Their biggest fight comes later, when Hilary quits her job as a lawyer, and CC tells her how disappointed she is that she has given up on her dreams. Hilary comes back with calling CC a pretentious social climber. This forces the women to part ways, which puts them both into deep depression.

The women soon reunite after Hilary gets a divorce. And they both com clean about their jealousy towards eachother. Hilary finds out she is pregnant and her ex had been cheating on her. CC being the loyal friend she is, makes a vow to always be there for her and help raise her daughter, Victoria Cecilia. Hilary's hardships do not stop there, as her daughter grows up she finds herself not feeling herself. she is easily exhausted and collapses at work. She is diagnoses with a cardiac illness. And soon comes to terms with the fact she will most likely die. This brings back Hilary's depression. After collapsing again, she tells CC she doesn't want her daughter to see her in that state, and CC arranges for her final hours to be spent at home saying goodbye to her daughter. The major part of the movie is their move to the beach house where the friends must say goodbye. The movie ends with Victoria and CC leaving a concert which launches CC's career into the star she dreamt to be. CC tells Victoria of how the two friends met. The movie is very much a tear jerker and chick flick. It is a memorable film on the hardships and trivial periods of friendships and through those times you find out who your real friends for life are.

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