Wednesday, October 10, 2007



Critics of this film might call it over rated, but when it comes down to it only your opinion matters, and in my opinion this picture is one of the most entertaining movies I have ever viewed. The movie is long, but the story is in depth, covering many aspects of our protagonist Tony Montana. While watching the film I noticed the soundtrack to be distinctly 80s because it played all the pop hits that most everyone recognizes and loves. Some of my favorite songs include; “Push it to the Limit”, “She’s on Fire”, and the appropriate “Rush Rush.” The clothes are exceptionally 80s, as the movie is set in the 80s, with all the characters wearing either flashy suits, or beach ware.

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go rent it right away or better yet buy it, it is definitely worth it. Even if you aren’t a fan of action, this film really explores the lives of the coke addicted rich of the 80s, a subject of which I know everyone cares about.

The story follows the life of Tony Montana, a “diplomatic refuge” from Cuba. He makes his way to the top of the cocaine industry in Miami with street smarts and ruthless killing. He wants to be rich, because he believes that money will bring him power, and with power he will get the girls of his dreams. He seeks to attain the American Dream, happiness only through wealth and possessions. He gets the money, but only through illegal ways. Once at the top of the coke trade he succumbs to depression, and madness which he tries to treat with some Columbian white. He married his dream girl but she was lifeless and only made Tony more unhappy and crazed. The movie ends in with horrible bloodshed, that leaves no character unaffected.

Of course my favorite sequence in the film would have to be the end. Who doesn’t like to see a completely coked out guy take shots to the chest like they were nothing. He empties clips like the madman he is, and is able to get a grenade round off before he succumbs to the massive hellfire he began.

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