Friday, October 12, 2007


“In a galaxy very, very, very, very, far away…” Mel Brooks, comic genius, has once again created a creative, hilarious spoof focusing mainly on Star Wars, but with a few other movies alluded to if close attention is paid. During the 80’s technology was improving and there were more science-fiction movies and shows coming out. So in that sense this is a distinct 80’s film.

The film follows Lone Star on his quest to bring Princess Vespa home safely in return for money to get him out of trouble with Pizza the Hut. Of course it’s not that easy since the Spaceballs are standing in their way, they wish to use Princess Vespa for leverage to get her father to give up the code for their planet’s air shield so that the Spaceballs, led by Dark Helmet and President Skroob, can steal all their air, having run out of it on their own planet. When of course the moment comes when it appears the Spaceballs are going to suck the air off of the planet the ship becomes a huge maid with a vacuum cleaner. As the bag fills up it’s Lone Star to the rescue as he uses the schwartz to reverse the vacuum to put the air back. He then of course must board the ship and fight the evil Dark Helmet to rescue the princess whom he ha fallen in love with. He brings her back to her wedding, doesn’t take the money, finds out he himself is a prince, and then makes it back in time to stop the wedding and they get married instead. If all of this sounds unbelievably cliché, well that’s the point. It doesn’t try to hide being cheesy and that adds to the humor of it.

I would recommend this movie, or any other Mel Brooks movie for that matter, to everyone. They’re funny, lighthearted, and well written. It spoofs on all the major themes of Star Wars and does a damn good job of it. Right down to the Princess Leia cinnamon bun hairstyle earphones.

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