Friday, October 12, 2007

The Living Daylights

The Living Daylighs is a Bond movie from 1987, starring Timothy Dalton making his debut as James Bond. As with the previous Bond movies, Russia is the enemy and international security rests on the shoulders of Agent 007. Unlike For Your Eyes Only, I was not at all fond of the female character in this movie. Her character was basically there so that there would be some clues to go on in the beginning of the movie, and the rest of the time (when she is working with Bond) half her lines seem to be along the lines of ‘Oh! I thought I’d never see you again’ and then she’d run dramatically into this arms. And unlike Melina, from For Your Eyes Only, she can barely hold a gun, and when she gets mad at James she chooses to attack him with a pillow (okay she beat up one guy towards the end, it still doesn’t count that much since she was wailing for James three seconds later). Although my annoyance may also stem from her throwing James Bond out of an airplane and then almost flying that same airplane into a mountain . . . how do you not see a mountain? While that aspect made the movie a bit less interesting, the effects were admittedly better than the pervious movies (obviously since it had been six years). This time Q provided 007 with an interesting key chain that could not only provide stun gas, but could also cause an explosion large enough to blow open a safe; the key chain also came with a nice little key that could apparently open approximately 90% of the world’s locks, handy for when one ends up in handcuffs. This movie also had a fully equipped Bond car, complete with tires that can shoot lasers. Along with the typical explosions and chase scenes, quite a bit of this movie took places outside of the usual upper class areas where Bond normally works, so the movie had a bit of a different feel to it, even with all the typical bombs that come along with a Bond movie.

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Vladigogo said...

Dalton brought a whole different sensibility to Bond, especially in contrast to Moore's depiction of him.

Most people rate Dalton as the worst Bond, but I would disagree with them.