Friday, October 12, 2007

How I Got Into College

This movie follows the life of high schoolers trying to, as the title suggests, get into college. Specifically it follows Marlon Browne (Corey Parker) a struggling student attempting to go wherever his significantly smarter crush, Jessica Kailo (Lara Flynn Boyle) goes. However, there are smaller stories to those of athletes and low income students who are all trying to get into the prestigious Ramsey College. They go through the whole painstaking process of attending college fairs, the visits, the interviews and the crunch time applications. The story also looks at the job of those who examine the application in the admissions department of Ramsey College. Kip Hammett (Anthony Edwards) is the caring officer who connects with the students and tries to look beyond the numbers a school that is obsessed with SAT scores and GPA’s. Through hard work, persuasion and a little bit of trickery Marlon, despite his lackluster numbers, and Jessica, despite almost crumbling under the stress both manage to get in. Meanwhile, for discovering such “hidden gem” students Kip defeats the traditional recruiter and becomes the Dean of Admissions.

` This was not nearly as good a choice as my previous movies. This tried desperately to compare with the classic 80’s teen movies like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Breakfast Club, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High but it failed miserably. The humor was so off the wall that it was very hard to take the plot seriously at all. I did not care whether the main characters got accepted or not because I was to busy wondering how they got the whole marching band to the college fair. Sure, the movie touches on a subject that I went through and teens will go through for many years to come, but I really did not connect to the characters. All the plot lines were annoying and took away from the main story. We here are sorry to inform you that this movie is bad.

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