Monday, October 08, 2007

Less Than Zero (1987)

Less Than Zero was directed by Marek Kanievska and produced in 1987. The movie was done off of the book Less Than Zero which was written by Bret Easton Ellis. The movie got great reviews because it didn’t resemble the book that closely and big movie critics like the New York Times said if it would have been a similar copy to the book the movie would of just down beat teens on the big screen.

The lead actors in this movie are Robert Downey Jr., Andrew McCarthy, and Jami Gertz.

Less Than Zero is another teenage film but it isn’t like the other teenage movies in the 80’s where everything turns out great in the end. This movie takes place in L.A which is A surprise to me because every teen movie we have seen in class has taken place in or mentioned Chicago.

When Clay who is played by Andrew McCarthy comes back to L.A he finds his ex-girlfriend (Blair) who is played by Jami Gertz in a relationship with his best friend (Julian) who is played by Robert Downey Jr.. Clay tries to make everything right but it may be too late to help Julian who is in some major trouble because he owes people a lot of money.

This movie is about what can happen when the American Dream turns into something that you can’t accomplish no matter how hard you try. The movie is filled with great music and it really gets you into the party mood. To go along with the party atmosphere there are drugs everywhere and sex is also a common theme throughout this entire movie.

This movie shows what can happen if you get involved with the wrong crowd and do whatever it takes to accomplish your goal. This film also shows what can happen if your family life is an unstable one

If you like sex, drugs, good music, and the whole crazy party scene then you will enjoy watching this movie.

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