Sunday, October 07, 2007

Scarface (1983)

What is there to say about Scarface? What hasn't been said about Scarface? Millions of people around the world consider it the greatest movie of all time. It has excellent acting, superb dialouge, a brilliant plot, and who doesn't love watching Tony Montana attain everything he has ever dreamed of?

I think Scarface is an all right movie. It doesn't deserve all the accolades it gets, in my opinion, but that is probably because the plot doesn't suit me much. The plot follows Tony Montana (Al Pacino) as he climbs the ladder of organized crime in Miami and becomes the biggest drug importer in the United States, who'se emotional problems lead him to a life of addiction and eventually death. His American dream comes true but Tony is destroyed by it, making Scarface a movie strongly against capatlism, greed, and a warning against being "the ultimate man". I find it bizzare that so many people look up to Scarface as a hero, when he is clearly meant to be a warning.

My favorite scene would of course have to be the last scene, where Tony learns quite forcefully that the world is not truly his because he can't control it by himelf without connections to other people. Tony is an unethical egoist, and it comes to bite him in the ass, to take the world back from him. His concern for nobody but himelf and his insatiable greed lead him to going madwith power and dying in final blaze of glory.

Scarface is a very well made movie, and entertaining, but its very long, and a lot of people seem to miss the point.

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