Saturday, October 13, 2007

Big is about a thirteen year old Josh Baskin (Tom Hanks) who makes a wish to be big on a carnival wizard game, because he was humiliated while trying to impress a girl at the carnival and thinks that growing up will solve his problems. When he wakes up the next morning he finds out that he's grown to about 30 years old. A funny scene is when his mom freaks out at the stranger in her house that is actually her son. Josh has to convince his best friend the he’s who he says he is so that he will accompany him into New York City on a quest to find the carnival machine. Once he finds the machine he will hopefully be able to get his youth back. He finds that it will take a few weeks to track it down so he gets a job at a toy company.

I was very impressed with how well Tom Hanks was able to capture the child like innocence in his character. Everything from the way he carried himself to his facial expressions perfectly exemplified the spirit of a child. I loved watching this movie as a kid because I always thought it would be so cool to be an adult just for a few days. I also like how the film was able to reveal how adults could behave in places like the office if they had a pure heart like the heart of a child’s. I like that Josh has to navigate the adult world with the mind of a child. In doing so he realizes that he is missing the fun and struggles of being a youth and that a great part of his life would be missing if he were to choose to remain an adult.

Big is one of the greatest movies ever simply because of the idea of a kid trying to be an adult and an adult still trying to hang on to being a kid, and all that things that Josh gets to experience while doing that.

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