Friday, October 12, 2007

Rain Man

Rain Man is a film that was done in 1988, with (undoubtedly) Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman. It consists mainly of a rich yuppie (played by cruise) trying to connect with his severely mentally handicapped brother. The reasoning behind the needed friendship between the vastly different brothers relies in terms of materialistic values. Dustin Hoffman is the individual who inherited the money from their father's death, and Cruise (not even knowing he had a brother) is determined (employing ethical egoism) to get the money from his brother. Starting out the movie depicts Cruise as a greedy, selfishly motivated "brother" taking Hoffman as the passenger across the United States to the estate's attorneys. As the movie progresses, it turns from the sin of greed to the idea humanistic acceptance on Cruise's behalf. He changed from an ice-cold character, motivated by an estate inheritance, disregarding the emotional estate of his new-found brother, to a character of generosity, heart-felt feeling and logical reasoning. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, not just because it did the "normal" cinematic turn around of "everything ending up okay," but instead, it was the power of the acting that is seen by the audience through the character Hoffman takes on. I was completely astonished at the guy (Hoffman), who went from the "playboy" Graduate, to a emotionally invoking character, who is so vividly, and well portrayed on Hoffman's behalf. Truly, if it's not for the kinship that is displayed in the end (when Cruise gains custody of Hoffman's character), and the memorable "underwear" scene, I loved the level of natural talent and dedication on Hoffman's behalf that was displayed in this film. Simply moving.

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Vladigogo said...

You are right to hit on the ethical issues in the film. I used to include this film in this class.