Thursday, October 11, 2007


Robocop 1984

Robocop was overall a decent movie, not great but not terrible. As well, there wasn’t a single noteworthy actor within the entire cast. The movie stood up over time because there were certain scenes, which were very entertaining. One scene in particular is when Robocop raids the drug factory. At the same time, there were also scenes, which were used to fill the story line for example when he was damaged and lying on the table in the lab.
The 1980’s were known for attempting to portray what the future had in store and this movie was no different. Robocop was designed to portray the future of law enforcement. He was made out of metal, and had an extensive computer system installed into him which included tactical weapons such as night vision. In the 1980’s the use of illicit drugs was becoming a widespread epidemic, especially the use of crack cocaine. Also, in the drug ridden 1980’s the famous slogan “Just say no” was born.
A drug was created in the movie to predict what future drug use would be like. There is a constant theme within the movie and it is good triumphing over evil. However, the theme is not only the police defeating the criminals, it’s also the police prevailing in the war on drugs. The excessive use of action scenes was used to subtly to portray the message about the drug use in an urban environment and also that crime never pays. All in all, this movie had the subtleties of politics intertwined with action.

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