Monday, May 01, 2006

Why i love John Candy

After watching Spaceballs I was seriously in the mood for more John Candy. He’s such a hilarious actor that you can never get enough of… and then again so is Steve Martin. Oh, what’s that you say? There’s a movie with both John Candy AND Steve Martin? That’s awesome! I think by this point it should be pretty obvious that I watched Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Due to some bad weather, Neal Page played by Steve Martin, has the unfortunate luck of having his flight delayed (and then diverted) right in time to make him late for Thanksgiving with his family. John Candy plays a blabbermouth shower ring salesman who latches on to Neal and causes more misfortune. The first shot of Del inadvertently stealing Neal’s cab is pretty indicative of the entire movie. Everything that can goes wrong does, whether that’s in reference to the planes, trains, or automobiles that Neal and Del take along the way. There’s more than one shitty motel and a couple of near death experiences, all shot in a very lighthearted and hilarious way. I liked it.

All in all I was pretty surprised that the film was directed by teenage movie guru John Hughes. He has a knack for comedy, and apparently for more than just teen drama type comedy. I also loved the little cameos with Ben Stein and Kevin Bacon, Ben Stein being my favorite because of his infamous dry humor. The movie was good, though it did make me think twice about traveling to Chicago anytime relatively soon, but these things happen.

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