Tuesday, May 02, 2006

After Hours: Different Angle of Scorcese

Martin Scorcese is considered by most, one of the greatest directors of all-time. This is what got me to watch his comedy After Hours. After Hours is the story of a bored, young word processor who lives in New York City. Our main character wants nothing but to meet a nic young lady and perhaps enjoy the after hours of a lonely night in New York. The film only takes place over one night in which the wackiest of wacky things happen to our main character (Griffen Dunne). He just wants to go out, meet a girl, and have a good time, but everywhere he goes to socialize, the worst things possibly happen. The different stories begin to entwine and the end result is a bizarre comedic mess. This is not one of my favorite Scorcese movies because I like his epic dramas so much, but the idea was creative and I still recommend the movie for its cinematic techniques, including many back alley shots of New York, and the ridiculous off-the-wall plot.
The movie also has some celebrities in it including Rosanna Arquette, Linda Florentino, Terri Garr, Cheech and Chong are in it as well, and both the parents from Home Alone. So there are some fun cameos to look for , but this movie is no Goodfellas, but if you want to impress a bunch of people at a cocktail party bring up this basically unknown film.

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