Friday, May 05, 2006

48 Hours: Nolte Before the Mug Shot

I watched a clip of this movie in our buddy cop drama course and decided it looked worth watching. The movie depicts everything that an 80’s action movie would have. The cliché cop relationship: The gruff no-nonsense cop and the funny wise cracking guy. Also the non-stop action(including terrible shooting accuracy from the bad guys) and other loose ends of the movie. One thing that shocked me about this movie was the terrible ethic slurs used by Nolte’s character. He crosses the line drawn today, but obviously in the 80’s he could get away with such racist remarks. Another issue of the movie is Nolte’s typical bad cop way of getting things done. If a cop were to do some of the things he does then they would be thrown in jail. Nolte even allows Murphy to impersonate a police officer with a gun waving in the air. At the end of the film it is Eddie Murphy’s comedic talents that save this movie from crashing. Also the pair of Nolte and Murphy does not truly mess together I do recommend it for it's few funny jokes and hit soundtrack (The Boys are Back in Town), but it doesn't measure up to the other biracial cop buddy films of the 1980's, like Lethal Weapon.

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