Monday, May 01, 2006

oh what glorious patches! where can i buy them?

Troop Beverly Hills is one of those movies that’s continually playing on Lifetime or WE or any of those types of channels, but it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily bad. Ok, so the movie is pretty bad, but its one of those things that you grow up on and love anyways. Shelley Long plays Phyllis, a middle aged woman in the middle of a nasty Beverly Hills divorce who’s never worked a day in her life. To gain perspective, she becomes the troop leader for her daughter’s Wilderness Girl troop, presiding over Tiffany who’s bribed by her family to go to the meetings, Emily who’s the daughter of an out of work actor, Tessa who’s parents divorce have made her neurotic, Chica who’s parents are incredibly self involved, and Claire who’s a child star that uses the Wilderness Girls to be “normal.” Phyllis creates different types of badges for the girls that are more attune to their Beverly Hills lifestyle. The movie’s funny and carefree, doesn’t make you think, and is a great one for relaxing after it’s been “one of those days."

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