Monday, May 01, 2006

Patrick Swayze sure can dance....

Ever since I first saw this movie, I have spent the majority of my time in pools practicing the moves from the lake scene. Although I have never attempted the jump-catch-and-soar move clad in all white clothing while in water, opting for a bathingsuit instead, I have always found this scene to be my favorite from the 1987 film, Dirty Dancing, although the "No one puts Baby in the corner" scene is definitely a close second. With an all-star cast of the incredible dancing genius Patrick Swayze, the pre-nose-job Jennifer Grey and the late law and order star Jerry Orbach, Dirty Dancing has proved to be a timeless 80s flick.

The movie centers around "Baby" (Jennifer Grey) who has come to stay for a two-week vacation at the Mountain Lake Hotel in Pembroke, Virginia. Baby finds herself caught in a world of 'dirty dancing' after she stumbles upon a "secret" staff party late one night while wandering around the hotel grounds. She is sworn to secrecy and told not to ever come back, but ofcourse, Baby has been bit by the curious bug and can't get enough. She is enticed and sucked into the world of dirty dancing, even though none of the other staff members like her, especially not Patrick Swayze's character, Johnny, and his knocked-up dancing partner Penny, she proceeds to keep coming back to their secret hang out. After she finds out that Penny is pregnant, she takes it upon herself to help, enlisting the medical services of her father to fix the shoddy abortion job Penny received from a sketchy doctor. Because of her operation, Penny cannot perform in the final performance of the year, so Baby comes to the rescue once again. She offers to take Penny's place in the final dance, however, she has no idea how to dance. This means she will need to spend the rest of her free time with the studdly Johnny, learning the dance moves and eventually sparking a romantic relationship. She begins as a clumsy dancer with no talent and she annoys Johnny with her ineptness. However, she refuses to give up and finally is able to perform in the final performance, with only a few slip ups only apparent to her and Johnny, and she finally lands the most difficult move for her, the move where she must run and leap into Johnny's arms as he holds her entire body up above his head.

The movie comments on social classes, with the relationships both Baby and her sister have with the "help" and the subsequent response from their father, who is greatly disappointed and disapproves immensley. Despite the social class implications, the movie is entertaining and clearly awe-inspiring for a six year old girl who seeks to emulate dance moves in pools.

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