Monday, May 01, 2006


Dudley Moore does a fabulous job at playing a drunken, immature socialite who has wasted his entire life living lavishly off his father's money without doing so much as lifting a finger. No wonder this was a top grossing film of the 80s; it represents everything the 80s was all about. It showcases the 80s all-about-me mentality and how it was the age of excess indulgence and carefree consumption. Blissfully unaware of the struggles of a real life, Arthur Bach, a drunken playboy, has lived off his father's money his entire life, however, his parents are tired of his playboy ways now and give him an ultimatum, either he finds a wife and gets married or he doesn't inherit any of their fortune.

Unfortunately, the leading lady and subsequent love interest of Arthur is played by Liza Minelli, who is not in the least bit attractive. Her character in the movie would be an unlikely candidate of Arthur's love. She is the complete opposite of him, growing up with only a father and barely any income. She speaks with an awful accent and appears uneducated if not completley socially inept. Arthur first meets her while shopping in Bergdorf Goodman, except she is not shopping, she is shop-lifting. Arthur comes to her rescue and a relationship ensues between the two. Unfortunately, she is not the type of girl that his parents had in mind to become his wife. They were hoping for a girl of high social status and money equal to their status, not an unattractive poor girl from Queens. Despite the unrealistic aspect of a relationship actually occurring between Arthur and Linda, one does materialize and Dudley Moore does a fabulous job at showing a man truly in love with all the endearing qualities associated with a new love.

This movie is entertaining and, in my opinion, an excellent example of the true essence of the 80s mentality. It should be watched and appreciated by all.

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