Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Ok so i watched this movie on thursday and someone else posted on the same movie but here's my take. This film by Stephen Spielburg was produced in 1984. It was written by Christopher Columbus who some of you might know as the first director of Harry Potter. A man goes into Chinatown to look for a gift for his son. There he find Mogwai a little critter that is too cute for words. He ends up getting this little guy when he's not supposed to and he learns the 3 rules. His son loves the little Mogwai but names him Gizmo. He sings and is all cute but then water is spilled on him and he multiplies. Let's just say that other things go wrong and these cute little gremlins get nasty...i mean green, ugly, ferocius, nasty. They try to take over the town and the boy must stop him. I first watched this movie as a kid and i hated it. It scared the crap out of me, although i thought gizmo was wicked cute! I wanted one. Now, rewatching it, i thought it was wasn't scary at all and my two friends that watched the film with me, they wanted a gizmo too. I also couldnt help but love the dog and i was so upset when the mean gremlins put him outside. this movie is one of those classics that you have to at least see once. It's cheesy at times, but the underlying story is sweet and of course the ending helps for the sequel. All around good film, but not a favorite.

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