Thursday, May 04, 2006

Before Governor Schwarzenegger

In this 1988 film, Danny Devito and Arnold Schwarzenegger play long lost brothers, twins actually, who were seperated at birth. An exeperiment was conducted where the zygote was split; however, the experiment went awry and one twin got all of the good genes, while the other got all of the bad genes. Devito plays Vincent Benedict, a short, fat, stupid, guy who is involved in some unsavory business and is about to be whacked by a loan shark. Schwarzenegger plays Julius Vincent a lovable big guy whose naivete is extremely charming. The boys were seperated at birth because Vincent was sent to live in a foster home, while Julius was sent to live overseas with a good family. Julius seeks out Vincent, and in the beginning Vincent does not believe that they are brothers. In fact, he uses Julius's size for his own advantage. He uses him as a intimidator to the people he is involved with. When Julius shows Vincent a picture of his mother, and he realizes that it is his mother too, he finally sees that Julius is telling the truth. They embark on a journey together to find their mother, whom neither of them have seen since they were born. They finally find her and she is overjoyed that her boys at found each other at last. Vincent and Julius despite their opposite looks and attitudes learn so much from each other and end up becoming great friends in the end. Vincent teaches Julius all about love, women, and clothes while Julius teaches Vincent how to live a good and moral life.

This film was extremely funny even though the plot is highly unrealistic. There is no possible way that these two men could come from the same egg, it is just not biologically possible. Even though it was not very believable the movie was very enjoyable to watch, and I so thankful that my own brother reccommended it to me.

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