Sunday, April 30, 2006

It's Like Totally Awesome! For Sure!

In Valley Girl, Julie played by Deborah Foreman breaks up with her tubular boyfriend, Tommy, and meets Randy, Nicolas Cage, who is a rad guy from Hollywood. Julie and her friends are from the Valley where "Like" is every other word and people from the outside are just not welcomed. When Julie starts ditching her friends to hang out with Randy and forgettting about what is important to her, such as being class representative, her friends decide that it is time to intervene, it is either them or Randy. She decides to get back together with her old boyfriend unitl Randy tells her that he loves her and dedicates a song to her on the radio. She still goes to prom with Tommy, but Randy crashes prom and steals her away. Thier love is so strong, Randy "would stop the world and melt with her". They of course end up together, as in almost every teenage love story. Julie follows her heart and decides that Randy is more important than her popularity ar school.

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