Friday, May 05, 2006

Days of Thunder: Jets vs Race Cars

After presenting on Top Gun, I had to watch this film. The movie has the same producers (Simpson/Bruckheimer) and the same director (Tony Scott) as Top Gun. Unfortunately, the movie also has the exact same plot. In the movie Cole Trickle (Cruise) must learn to control the reckless way he drives in order to win races and survive the deathly track of racing. A terrible injury in a crash with a rival driver brings the young racer to a road block and then at the end of the film he is able to come back from incredible odds and win the championship race at the Daytona 500. This movie had so many similarities to Top Gun it was nearly impossible to get over. Even in a scene near the beginning of the movie Cruise arrives at the race track on a motorcycle with a Top Gun guitar rift in the background. For a second I thought maybe they had just edited in his image from Top Gun, but the guys behind this movie actually said, “Hey this guy can only ride in on a motorcycle.” This movie was very cheesy but is worth seeing just to compare the similarities of it to its predecessor Top Gun. Another reason why you should see it is that it is the only thing more ridiculous then Tom’s recent behavior in the media. I recommend this movie because it is the best professional race car movie made in the last twenty years. In other words it’s better then Sly Stallone’s Driven.

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