Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Relax...you're never Better Off Dead

Lane Myer (played by John Cusack) is a typical teenager right? He’s got a crappy job at Pig Burger, a friend who gives questionable advice (played by Curtis Armstrong who is better known as Goober form Revenge of the Nerds), a mother who can not cook but tries and ends up making dishes that move, a weird younger brother who picks up chicks better than Lane does, creepy neighbors, two Asian brothers that stalk him at every traffic light to race, a relentless newspaper boy seeking payment, and a picky girlfriend who leaves him for the captain of the snow ski team. Well maybe he is not so normal and he really is Better Off Dead.

With Lane’s luck, however, even his suicide attempts are lacking because he debates whether he should follow through or not as he prepares. As he struggles to win his girlfriend Beth back by training for a ski race he challenged the new boyfriend to, he ends up working on a classic 1976 Camaro with Monique. Monique is the foreign exchange student with questionable luck as well that lives with the creepy neighbors and is desperately trying to avoid her host family because the host mother is encouraging her son and Monique to engage in what she calls the “international language”.

Both of these two use the Camaro to escape from the strain of their daily lives and it is here that Lane learns that maybe life isn’t so bad.

A good film if you like dark comedy and claymation like I do.

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