Thursday, May 04, 2006

Baby or College?

For Keeps is a film where Molly Ringwald plays Darcy Elliot, a straight A student about to graduate from highschool, with plans to go to France for the summer and college in the fall. She and her boyfriend, Stan Bobrucz, have been dating for a while and they finally decide that they are ready to have sex. Surprise, Surprise, Darcy gets pregnant!! Her mother is extremely overbearing and had to raise Darcy on her own; therefore, she wants her daughter to have an abortion so she does not have to give up her life. Stan's parents are not that much better. They don't want to see their child have to give up on all of his hopesand dreams. I mean they are only in highschool and there is no way that they are ready for a baby right? Wrong. Darcy and Stan decide that they love each other so much and they want to have this baby. They get married and get their own apartment. Stan is the manager of his father's shoe store and so Darcy has to get a job so they have money to raise a family. After the baby is born, Darcy goes through post-partum depression and does not want anything to do with the baby. She and Stan go through some tough times, but in the end everything works out for the best. They stay married and raise their child on their own.

The film was made in 1988 when casual sex and AIDS were a huge issue. At one point in the film, when Darcy and Stan's parents find out about the baby, Stan says that they could always get an abortion and Darcy says, you mean adoption. Abortion is a heated issue currently and is one of the big ticket items on for presidential candidates. Nearly twenty years ago abortion was something that not many people talked about regardless of if it happened.

In general, the film was a good film to watch, a typical 80s movie with Molly Ringwald as highschool student where everything works out for the best in the end.

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tanya said...

i watched this recently on HBO.
so nice! :) and sooooooo 80's!