Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Deathwish 3: Cheesy Action Stars of the 80's

Think of all the low budget action stars of the 80's. There's Seagall, Van Damme, Norris, and one of my favorites Bronson. Charles Bronson is an icon of old action movies. Since most of his movies were to bloody or risqué for me to watch when I was young, I never had experienced a Brolin-cliche action film. I am proud to say that I am no longer curious about this because of watching Deathwish 3. First off, the entire plot was predictable. Brolin lives in a corrupt neighborhood in which the young hoodlums loot and riot the locals. Some of these punks steal, break, and, burn other people’s possessions. Bronson of course wants revenge, when his girlfriend is beaten and blown up in his car. I thought the gang-bangers beating her into a pulp was enough, but then they push her in the car down a steep hill in which at the bottom is an awaiting gas truck (bizarre). All this happened when Bronson went into the gas station to buy her a snack (pretty costly appetite). Bronson is fortunate enough to know someone in the neighborhood who used to work in the police department and somehow bought a gatling-gun. So Bronson goes on a vigilante rampage to bring justice to the streets of New York. After Bronson kills the Giggler (a evil man who is always giggling) the punks want revenge on Bronson and the blood bath begins. This movie was absolutely terrible. I think the addition of the gun made it twenty –times better though, because it became unbelievable and even a little grotesque. I would estimate by the end of the film Bronson murders roughly two-hundred and fifty people and, fortunately, for Bronson does not have to do any time in jail.


Vladigogo said...

Best of the Best 2

Death Wish 3

Boy Brian, you sure can pick 'em.

Phil Alito said...

A classic, for sure.

Good choice, my brother.