Friday, May 05, 2006

Pass the Green Stuff

Mystc Pizza is a film about two sisters, Daisy and Kat, and their best friend, Jojo, who work in a pizza parlor in Mystic, CT. Daisy is played by Julia Roberts, Kat is played by Annabeth Gish, and Jojo is played by Lily Taylor. Kat is getting ready to head off to Yale, Daisy thinks that she will be working at the pizza joint her whole life, and Jojo is engaged, but leaves her husband at the altar. Daisy is known as somewhat of a whore until she meets a wealthy guy, Charlie, who is on "vacation" from school. He shows her what the good life is like until she realizes that she doesn't quite fit into his world and she teaches him that it is okay to be honest with yourself and not to lie about things, like failing out of school. Daisy's sister Kat, is a prude who babysits for an architecht for the summer to earn some money, while his wife is away. She ends up falling for him because he is intellectual like her, he went to Yale, he is good looking, and has an amazing daughter. They have an affair but when his wife comes home, Kat realizes that it was just a fling for him and she is crushed. Jojo is engaged to Bill, played by Vincent D'Onofrio, who for all of you Law and Order: Criminal Intent fans, know as Detective Goren. In the opening scene of the movie, Jojo leaves him at the altar because she is scared of commitment. Bill then proceeds to tell his friends that she is a nymphomaniac and they write it on their fishing boat for all to see. Jo says that she will never be with a man like that, but in the end she realizes that she loves him and they get married. THroughout the film, the girls rely on Leona, the owner of the pizza parlor, who has a secret recipe that she wont tell anybody. When a high profile food critic comes to the restaurant, even he cannot figure out wha is in her sauce. Leona is the glue that holds everything together in this film and is the girls mother figure, who they talk to about their problems. In the end, Kat goes to Yale, Daisy ends up with Charlie, the rich guy, and Bill and Jojo live happily ever after.

Mystic Pizza was Matt Damon's first movie ever. He plays Charlie's younger brother and his one line in the film is "Pass the green stuff."

All in all this is a great film, despite being a "chick-flick" and it was one of Julia Roberts very first. I would reccomend it to anyone who is in the mood for a good laugh.

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