Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Mom: Keaton in his Prime

I always liked Michael Keaton in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. His movies like: Night Shift, Beetlejuice, and Batman are all considered classic 80's films. But he’s definitely one of those actors whose career plummeted into kid’s movies, like Herbie: Fully Loaded and The First Daughter or whatever it was titled. Keaten was good in the 80’s though and especially with the genre of comedy. Mr. Mom, written by John Hughes, is one of these comedies. The movie is about a man who gets layed off work by his struggling company. In the time that he has off, his wife (Terri Garr) gets a great job with a corporate company. Now she is the bread winner and Keaten is the stay-at-home mom. The movie follows the many wacky obstacles a man has to deal with in a woman’s world or motherhood in general. In the end, Keaton is more in touch with his feminine side and a much more tidy and considerate person. One interesting 1980’s spin is that at the end the woman goes back to her place at home, when her husband is able to get his job back. Interesting perspective to women in the corporate world compared to their lives at home. I think if the movie was made today at the end of it they may have found a way for each of them to care for the kids, but in this 80’s comedy, it doesn’t work out that way and the man goes back to work and the woman cares for the kids.

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