Friday, May 05, 2006

One! Singular Sensation!

When I heard that my favorite Broadway film was an 80's film, I knew that I had to watch it.A chorus line is the story of dancers at an audition. We see how important getting this part is to each and every character. Each character has a story and as the audition progresses, we learn about each one and their life story. In show business, not everyone gets the part, and so it goes in the movie. At the end, we have grown attached to each character and it's hard to see some of them get rejected. Filled with music and powerful life stories, this film does the musical justice.

I personally like watching musicals become movies, because you get to see things that shows on the stage can't show you. For example, we get close up shots of the characters faces, which allow us to get personal with the characters and see their emotions. On Broadway, we can't get close and personal with the actors.

I have seen the show many times, but while watching this film I was able to create bonds with the characters that the show never allowed me to do. It was more emotional for me to see characters get reject

The only disappointment I had was many songs from the show were missing. I understand that it is a movie and it can't be as long as a Broadway show, but I still missed some of the familiar tunes.

I was surprised to see Michael Douglas play the character of the director. He did a wonderful job, portraying a harsh and cold character who can't let his emotions interfere with his job.

I recommend this film to anyone who loves a good musical! It is fun, smart and it is a story of life.

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