Friday, May 05, 2006

The Wall: For Music Lovers

I am a pretty huge fan of Pink Floyd, so I decided to watch a cinematic film inspired by one of their hit albums, The Wall. The movie was absolutely bizarre. First off, the movie centers around the bands music, so if you are not a fan of Floyd or the rock genre of music then I do not recommend this movie, but if you do enjoy their music then it is worth a look at. The movie centers on a young, disillusioned rock star named Pink. The character of Pink is actually based off of the bassist and leader singer of the band, Roger Waters. Waters also is the writer of most of the songs lyrics.
Pink is an unappreciated, unhappy man who due to the World War II death of his father never had a proper role model growing up. Pink grows up to be a drug abusing rock star who spends most of his time sad and alone, missing his estranged wife. The movie also takes a wacky twist every once and a while, where the filmmaker uses animation and visual creations to describe the chaotic feeling Pink is experiencing in his troubled mind. I think the filmmakers probably added this effect to the film to satisfy the more drug-oriented cult of Floyd fans that might buy the movie. Overall the movie is very confusing to watch because of the strange montages, but the editing of the scenes ties into certain moments of the music. Also English actor and star of Who Framed Roger Rabbit Bob Hoskins has a small part in the film. The movie focuses on issues of stardom, depression, parenting, and even Nazi Germany.

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